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Ezekiel Final by Wen-M by ezekielwrath Ezekiel Final by Wen-M by ezekielwrath
Commission work done for me by [link]
Final concept for Ezekiel and a finalized profile. Enjoy.

Full Name: Ezekiel Elewyn Nairien
-Dislikes the use of his middle name, fortunately few know it.
Father: Rigel Tharrius Nairien (High elf noble swashbuckler with unknown celestial heritage)
Mother: Bellatrix Rehnia Nairien (Tiefling bard of human ancestry)
Race: Half-Elf with celestial and fiendish bloodlines
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Acknowledges gods who teach travel and protection in the defender aspect.
Current age: 27
Birthday: Mid-Spring
Height: 6í2Ē
Weight: 237 lb.
Eye color: Heterochromatic (Left: Deep Blue / Right: Blood Red)
Skin Color: Part Tan, Part Rust Red
Hair Color: Silver-grey
Notable Possessions:
-Fortuna: A family heirloom and elven relic, this is Ezekielís weapon of choice, an elven-make blade with unknown potential.
-Crystalnote: An elaborate multi chambered ocarina that had been given to Ezekiel by his mother. He can be found playing it when bored.

Ezekielís mother was once a part of an adventuring party which she had left when the group helped defend the elven village of Rauthmethan from the pressures of a savage horde gathered by draconic mastermind. Over the course of many seasons aiding the village against the invaders she had fallen in love with one of the nobles involved in the defense. They were wed not long after the horde had lost enough potency to dissolve and peace was reestablished in Rauthmethan. Shortly after the couple had a son whose tiefling heritage shone but an unknown hitch, Ezekielís fatherís heavily diluted holy blood had awakened and had limited the fiendish prevalence in Ezekiel notably locking his demonic traits to portions of his body rather than all of it. As he aged, the potency of his bloodlines grew to the point where he began to manifest traits of a full-blooded angel or demon, including horns, wings, and tail. Ezekielís form frightened many of the villageís older inhabitants who took his appearance as an ill omen, but was well loved by his parents, especially his mother who had to live with the discriminations of being a tiefling herself. He was overall well received by the village which had come to respect his parents for their accomplishments, not to mention that Rauthmethan has traditionally been well receptive of outsiders.
Growing up, Ezekiel was taught many of the usual elven curriculum but a few subjects really stood out for him. Ezekiel personally enjoyed swordplay which thrilled his father who continued to teach him advanced maneuvers. Due to his interesting heritage, Ezekiel proved quite adept at arcane magic and was taught complex techniques by interested tutors. Finally, because of her background, Ezekielís mother stressed the arts which she continued to teach him when they both had some free time for it. Ezekiel enjoyed playing the ocarina when he had nothing to do but wasnít feeling particularly mischievous.
During his young days Ezekiel could prove to be quite mischievous and around the village his antics became legendary. One account puts Ezekiel hiding in the elven court when they were meeting with emissaries from a human city. Ezekiel rushed up and before anyone knew he was even there he pantsed two of the human diplomats by deftly cutting the waists with a dagger. After these pranks Ezekiel was usually placed alone to be lectured at for hours about the many points of how his actions reflect poorly on the village, these punishments caused a great distaste for disciplinary action in the boy.
Ezekiel reached maturity much earlier than his peers due to only having half elven blood and shortly after that the village had become victim to a series of small fiendish incursions. These were fairly rare and easy to repel at first, but slowly grew in frequency and intensity. When Ezekiel was 25 a major demonic invasion rocked Rauthmathen and after many defenders lie dead it became clear that Ezekiel was involved with the growing threat. After much discussion the elders had decided to banish him rather than await the possible doom they believed he would bring to their village. Ezekiel was not allowed to return for at least ten years and only with proof that the issue of the demons was solved. Ezekielís mother had given him Crystalnote to carry as a luck charm and parting gift, and his father had convinced the court to let Ezekiel borrow their sacred sword Fortuna for the duration of his exile confident his son would bring it back one day. Ezekiel then thanked his parents, said his goodbyes, picked up a few adventuring provisions and was off. He has been on the road two years now and constantly harassed by small groups of fiends whose intentions still have not become clear. Though these attacks are minimal, he fears that if he stays to long in any one spot he risks all around him and as such is constantly on the move.
Lately Ezekiel has been given to bouts of often violent madness under the right conditions (usually in times or places where evil has a particularly strong influence) as his demonic blood takes a stronger grip on his mind. The results are often unpredictable and usually frightening as Ezekielís mind and the demonís pull are at odds and neither has much physical control and can result in harm to everyone around including himself. T

Appearance: Ezekiel has a build similar to that of a physically fit elf with a few extras. The most obvious are his wings, a pure white feathered right wing, and a ruddy red scaled demonic wing on the left. Atop his forehead is a set of horns that curve around his head and are a glossy black at the base and turn to metallic silver at the tips. His hair is silver grey and usually kept at a top tied ponytail that falls to his shoulders. His left eye is deep blue while his right is a fiery red. His left arm and right leg are rust red with large scales on the forearm and shin as well as large claws on his fingers and his three toes. Ezekielís right arm and left leg do not show any fiendish heritage and show perfect tone. Finally, Ezekiel has a long, thick, rust red tail with a small crest near the end.
As for clothing, Ezekiel usually wears a simple outfit in shades of grey. On the front of his coat is embroidered the Nairien family crest, an ornate rod with a single wing on one side. Ezekiel also wears a worn dark travelling cloak, and is otherwise lightly armored both to travel and fight and travel without restriction.

Personality: Ezekiel is very confident in his own abilities, to the point of being a little cocky and hot-headed, but his adventuring career has just started so that may chill with time. Ezekiel always enjoys a festive atmosphere and people in high spirits. Ezekiel is a very kind soul who doesnít like to see people get taken advantage of and can get rowdy and out of hand when he witnesses such events. In combat against weaker foes Ezekiel usually toys with his enemies before knocking them out, but against tougher foes or when protecting someone Ezekiel is a fierce warrior attacking with a relentless barrage of steel and magic until all his foes are either unconscious or worse. He has a special hatred for fiends as they are the reason for his exile and they assault him constantly, as such he has developed a particular knack for fighting them. Ezekiel currently travels alone and believes he may be a danger to anyone close to him, he also doesnít believe he needs or wants a group to help or help him and fears he may be a danger to those, but that may changeÖ
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eener9lilly Featured By Owner Edited Oct 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
beautiful and all but imagine flying with mis matched wings or is it MaGiC    /*
ezekielwrath Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Heh, it is at least partly magic
MarikElricXIII Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
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amazing ! wow
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wow! very nice charcter!
JohnathanRotten Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
Everything about this is perfect
Xx-Shauny-xX Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow, I just love it, colors are wonderful and this guy, your lineart, is fantastic !
saigechaos Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
So I occasionally use deviant art for character concept art for RPG games that I play in or design and this character gave me a ton of inspiration for a villain. Thank you so much.
ezekielwrath Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's awesome, glad to inspire!
BloodStoneFreedom Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
HaHa, I have a character similar to this except hes half human and half demon. He's an incredibly badass lawful good swordmage with a love of fire, twice now he's accidentally destroyed two villages, once while being drunk, the other after being pulled under ground and panicking. Which considering his alignment has not been good for his sanity, fun fun
ezekielwrath Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
heh, the antics characters get into...
baonguyen93 Featured By Owner May 21, 2012
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blymeyblake Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011
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That's pretty freaking amazing dude.
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I thought so too, quite happy with how it turned out
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thats just awsome
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